A gathering of minds

The world is changing. Technology is transforming the human experience, medicine is overturning long-held beliefs about what it means to be human, while scientific breakthroughs alter our understanding of our world, ourselves and our place within it.

On 15 November 2016, the editors of BBC Future will be joined by some of the world’s most fascinating thinkers to explore these important global changes in a live setting.

This is your opportunity to join the BBC for a day like no other – to listen to thought-provoking talks, to see and experience cutting-edge technology, and to share a conversation with the people who are defining our future.


A vision of our future

Australia’s first World-Changing Ideas Summit is dedicated to ‘Your life, your tomorrow’ – an entertaining and thought-provoking exploration of how technology, science and health will transform the human experience.

Guests can expect a global community of speakers that only the BBC could gather. This unique and diverse group from the worlds of technology, medicine, transport, earth, space travel and more will present bold ideas, showcase new technology, provoke discussion, and challenge imaginations about our shared future.


Our community

This is an exclusive event for:

  • Anyone who is curious about the future of our species and our planet
  • Anyone who wants to know about the latest ideas and trends
  • Anyone who wants to engage with the extraordinary line-up of speakers and delegates at the World-Changing Ideas Summit

Guests will enjoy an intimate experience, where they will be confronted by astonishing ideas, people and hands-on demos. Unlike many events, you will have a chance to question and explore those ideas both on and off stage.

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15 November 2016 Dockside Pavilion
Darling Harbour

Tickets are AU$520 + GST

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World-Changing Ideas Summit 2016

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